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Our pilot trainees do well, very well! Anyone who completes our online self-paced curriculum and attends our weekly Saturday training sessions (virtually) is 100% guaranteed to pass the FAA Exam – the very first time – with an impressive average score of 85%+. Over 51% make money as a Part 107 Certified Commercial Pilot within 90 days of completing our training.

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We provide our FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Test Prep Training FREE of charge for military families, public safety officer, & high school educators/students.


We sincerely thank all military veterans and their families for their service to our nation, and welcome you to our training programs. Our program is free of charge for all military families.


We thank Public Safety Officers for protecting our communities from chaos, and look forward to working with you. Our program is free of charge for all public safety officers. 


Thank you to all educators for preparing our youth for future careers in STEM and aviation. Our pilot training program is free of charge for all high school students and high school educators.


Not in any of the groups that qualify for free training? You may still enroll in our FAA Part 107 Training Program and pay $500. Your financial contribution helps us offer our free training to more participants.


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Our Saturday training calls include a fast-paced 31 question interactive quiz!

Jan-Feb 2022 ♦ Nine Week Schedule

Jan 1 – FAA 14 CFR Part 107 Rules & Regulations
Jan 8 – National Airspace System (NAS) & Aeronautical Charts
        Jan 8 – Workshop – Demystifying Aeronautical Charts
Jan 15 – Aviation Weather Sources
Jan 22 – Loading and Performance
Jan 29 – Crew Resource Management
Feb 5 – Airport and Field Operations
Feb 12 – Radio Communication and Emergency Procedures
       Feb 12 – Workshop – How to Make Money, Get Gigs & Full-time Jobs as a Part 107 Pilot
Feb 19 – Pre-flight, Authorizations and Waiver Requests
Feb 26 – FAA New Rules -Final Kahoot Competition / Jan-Feb Kahoot Winner Announcement. Graduation Celebration with Live Music!

FAA Part 107 Pilot Certification Training

To legally operate drones for all applications (other than as a hobby) in the U.S., you must be FAA Part 107 Certified!

Our NVBAA FAA Part 107 Test Prep Course is facilitated through a professional online self-paced learning management system. In addition, we provide weekly training calls every Saturday at 8 am PT to review each week’s lesson. We also conduct a 31 question interactive quiz on our weekly Saturday training calls. Attend our weekly training calls, complete our online course and you’re guaranteed to pass the FAA Part 107 Exam! All of our Part 107 learners pass the FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Certification Exam on the first try! 



Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our learners say:

This course is simply awesome! Being self paced allows the individual to learn at their own pace, as well as having an awesome community of learners to collaborate. The design of the course allowed me to prepare and pass the course and Part 107 exam before the end of the course. It was awesome to get my Remote Pilots License in the mail, at that moment, my goals became a reality.


Reza and the team gave a lot of clarity to the subjects and the live video sessions were a great supplement to the online sections. Having a group also made it easier to stay motivated and complete the training. I can finally say I have my FAA Small UAS Certificate! First paid jobs are starting about one month after taking the test.


The NVBAA FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Training is absolutely amazing. I love that you can self study with all available material online and also being able to meet with the instructors and fellow course takers each week. This part is incredibly helpful and motivating. I am really grateful I got referred to the program. So helpful and well organized. Reza and Ben are outstanding instructors. In my opinion this is the best program to join if you are thing about getting a remote pilot license.


This was an excellent course to prepare for the FAA Part 107 Exam! I would recommend this course to anyone thinking about getting their Part 107 license! Great course!


This course was very well put together and Ben and Reza are very knowledgeable, very easy to communicate with and always willing to answer questions. I had a great time, it was a lot of fun!


I absolutely loved the course. Every week I would look forward to my training session on Saturdays. You guys were absolutely wonderful.


I’d worked on airfields for 8 years and never understood how to read an aeronautical chart. Though painstaking, this course’s knowledge tests helped me to make sense of nearly all the colored circles, lines, symbols, and numbers… Somehow the 107 test still found a way to ask two questions I had no clue on. Other than those, I felt fully prepared by this course. Already recommended it to a coworker.


This class was very informative and helpful. I gained knowledge that is helping prepare to take my part 107 test. Some of this course was quite challenging for me due to my lack of experience as a pilot. I was motivated by the instructors to keep working hard to improve my skill set. I appreciate the hard work of the instructors to help educators spread knowledge and information regarding drones and opportunities available. I know it take extra preparation and your personal time to teach this course. For that I say thank you!


Using NVBAA as a source of learning, for the Part 107 license, was the best choice that I could have made. Prompt responses per email, to clarify any questions, is the professionalism you will receive. The weekly online classes improve greatly the chances of passing the Part 107 exam.


NVBAA provides FREE FAA Part 107 Training, powered by GRADD and made possible in part with continued financial support from the Reno Air Races!

GRADD powers the NVBAA-Reno Air Races FAA Part 107 Training Program. 

GRADD Powers the Technology for the FAA Part 107 Training. GRADD Creates, Sells and Supports the Software Tools and Training to Capture Aerial and Terrestrial Images and Laser Scans to Create Highly Accurate 3D Models of Objects for Inspection, Visualization (GRADD VR), and Measurement (GRADD’s LAS3D cloud-based 3D point cloud viewer).