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Welcome to the NVBAA FAA Part 107 Test Prep Training Course

Part 107 Pilot Training | STEM Education

We provide our FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Test Prep Training FREE of charge if you are a military veteran, public safety officer, a high school teacher, administrator or student.


To members of the US Military: We thank you for your service, and welcome you to our training programs. Our program is free of charge for all military veterans.


We thank Public Safety Officers for protecting our communities from chaos, and look forward to working with you. Our program is free of charge for all public safety officers. 


Thank you to all educators for preparing our youth for future careers in STEM and aviation. Our pilot training program is free of charge for all high school students, teachers, and administrators. 


Not in any of the groups that qualify for free training? You may still enroll in our FAA Part 107 Training Program and pay $500. Your financial contribution helps us offer our free training to more participants.

FAA Part 107 Pilot Certification Training

To legally operate drones for all applications (other than as a hobby) in the U.S., you must become Part 107 Certified!

Our NVBAA FAA Part 107 Test Prep Course is facilitated through an online self-paced learning management system. In addition, we provide weekly training calls every Saturday at 9 am PT to review the more difficult parts of the course. We also conduct a 30 question interactive quiz on our weekly Saturday training calls. Attend our weekly training calls, complete our online course and you’re guaranteed to pass the FAA Part 107 Exam! All of our Part 107 learners pass the FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Certification Exam on the first try! We still have room in our Mar-Apr 2021 class, or you may apply to enroll into our May or July classes!



Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our learners say:

I took the class to be knowledgeable for my scouts so I could recommend the class to them and answer questions they have. But, the information is tremendous and the subject is interesting and i got encouraged by the program. I bought a drone and this has opened up all kinds of income and career possibilities. Im really looking forward to seeing where this new chapter of my life takes me. Thanks to NVBAA and GRADD for making this possible.


Like many others I lost my job due to Covid. After some reflection I came to the sobering reality that my job may not return for a long time. I started looking at other options and came across the idea of becoming a drone pilot. Thanks to the great material and support offered, I was able to take the FAA Part 107 exam roughly 1 month after joining the course and passed with an 88% score!


The NVBAA FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Training is absolutely amazing. I love that you can self study with all available material online and also being able to meet with the instructors and fellow course takers each week. This part is incredibly helpful and motivating. I am really grateful I got referred to the program. So helpful and well organized. Reza and Ben are outstanding instructors. In my opinion this is the best program to join if you are thing about getting a remote pilot license.


Very well organized and an easy pace with so much information.


This is great for preparing for the test. I have learned so much and the class time is wonderful for going over the information.


The knowledge is presented well, and the friendly and informative staff (Reza, Ben) are extremely helpful.


NVBAA provides FREE FAA Part 107 Training made possible in part from a donation by the Reno Air Races!

GRADD is proud to support the NVBAA FAA Part 107 Training Program. 

GRADD Provides the Software Tools and Training to capture aerial and terrestrial images/laser scans to create highly accurate 3D models for inspection, visualization (VR), and measurement (3D point clouds).